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How long to implement?

2+ days
5+ days
12+ days

What is it?

Chatbots are fast becoming an excellent sales and information channel for businesses. People communicate with an AI “robot” with predefined messages. Typically these interactions take place via chat mediums, such as Facebook’s Messenger, Twitter or Slack but can also be purpose-built for any digital medium, like your website.

How does it work?

Basic chatbots respond to enquiries such as “When are you open?” or “What’s the weather like?” by reading keywords and returning a nominated response.  Some more sophisticated bots are able to parse queries and respond based off the context of the question – think Apple’s Siri.


We setup our own Chatbot for Messenger. Feel free to talk to it.

How could I use this?

Chatbots can be used in really simple ways, like answering questions or getting some dynamic information from a database. However, you can go really big with it and integrate third party platforms to deliver information, such as product information based on the learned preferences of a user.

For retail clients, it’s an excellent opportunity to help guide people to the right product choice based off a number of different data points, some of which may already be well established.

How easy is this to implement? 

Building a simple chatbot is easy. The Line26 Chatbot only took around ten hours to get something basic off the ground. However, integrating into an eCommerce system may take longer but really it’s up to how accessible your current platforms are and what you desire. If you’re curious about what we can do, give us a call, email or hit up our bot.

Chatbots in the Wild

There are some fantastic examples of Chatbots used for different uses – here are a few notable ones.

Parking Ticket Bot – World’s First Robot Lawyer, helping fight parking tickets (64% success rate).

Babylon Health App – Babylon Health. A chatbot that helps define what ails you.

Kit, Shopify’s store assistant – Kit helps shop owners send Facebook messages, create ads, answers queries.

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