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360 Degree Photography


360 Degree Photography

If you’re a Brisbane local, you’ve probably been to the Brisbane Powerhouse. It’s an awe-inspiring, iconic building that’s now one of the best event spaces in Brisbane, hosting comedy festivals and arts experiences and all kinds of wonderful performances (and the home of the amazing Vulcana Women’s Circus!).

We approached the team at the Brisbane Powerhouse last year and asked if we could test out a new 360 degree camera using some of their iconic performance spaces, and they eagerly jumped at the chance. Little did we know, behind the scenes the event spaces are used every day by corporate and community groups for private functions, weddings, meetings, and 360 degree photos would be a great way to show the spaces off for booking enquiries.

So, over the course of a few months we have been helping to build a set of amazing virtual reality photos to do just that.

360 degree photography will never be what we’re known for, but we have fun and are interested in ways to use this new tech in the websites, apps and VR experiences we build. The photos look great, and their clients find them useful and engaging to use. This kind of proactive approach to technology is what sets us apart, and we’d love to have the same kind of mutually beneficial relationship with your business.

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